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Appen Menon, Esq. Executive Chairman & CEO

It is with great pleasure that I assumed the office of Executive Chairman and CEO of Indian American International Chamber of Commerce in April, 2023. I am thankful to all my chamber colleagues and members for having the confidence in me to head the Chamber. I am confident that with their support and cooperation, I will be able to take the Chamber to new heights.

India is now a rising superpower, both economically and militarily. Its economic achievements, especially in the past ten years have been remarkable and the envy of the world. The Chamber, for over 30 years, has been at the forefront in facilitating the economic and military cooperation between the two countries-the United States of America and Republic of India. The Chamber is committed to strengthening the existing economic relationship.

We are also committed to fostering strong business ties, promoting collaboration, and driving economic growth within the Indian American community. Our goal in the United States is to strive for the economic wellbeing and success of Indian Americans. We identify the areas of interest to the Indian American business community and facilitate discussion to achieve the goal. We also try to influence trade policies at the federal and state levels. In the past, we have opened doors to federal agencies to take advantage of set-aside programs for minorities. We value professional relationship with the agencies for mutual benefit. We are open to suggestions from our members and well-wishers that will result in initiatives to inspire confidence among Chamber members.

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